Friday, October 7, 2011

The Secret Society of Dirty Sisters...

The Secret Society of Dirty Sisters is a group of professional women who have successfully run their artistic endeavors and have created and shared some of the most successful patterns, been seen in print in magazines such as Create and Decorate, Country Marketplace, Merchantile Gatherings, American Patchwork and Quilting, Card Maker magazine, and Soft Dolls and Animals. Our members also have exhibited in Fine Art Galleries and been featured on limited edition art posters. You are guaranteed the highest quality when you purchase from our members!

The SSODS auctions always have a wide variety of items, from one of a kind, exclusive items, to custom made dolls, Altered Art, Unique Handcrafted Jewelry...hand quilted items, exquisite folk art paintings, yummy handmade candles, and more! Our members also carry many supplies for your own creative endeavors, including glass glitter, scrapbooking supplies, kits, patterns and more, as well as vintage items!

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Our SSODS theme this week is "Halloween In July" Be sure to type SSODS in your ebay search bar to see more of our fun Halloween and Fall items!