Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweltering Summer Daze!

The best things about Summer ...

  • Listening to the birds wake up at 4:30 in the morning ... even though I don't want to actually be awake!

  • Standing in a room that just happens to catch the perfect cross-breeze.

  • Sitting on the deck with hummingbirds buzzing over my head as they come in for their bed-time snack.

  • A little slower pace.

  • Watching the sailboats bob on White Bear Lake.

  • My neighbor's ... the Master Gardener ... beautiful front yard ... even though it makes me jealous! And she knows it ...

  • The classic car show every Friday night in my town ... I remember the interior of some of those cars!

  • Feeling more creative ... nice weather and the intense Summer colors are such a stimulant.

  • Booming thunderstorms!

  • And of course ... sweating glasses of iced tea!
Summer in Minnesota is perfect! Roseann

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